The growth of the offshore wind major component replacement market continues! 2022 saw a significant milestone for the O&M jack-up market, with a total of 1316 on-site vessel days.

For the first time in history, the O&M jack-up intervention market size exceeded 1000 days. The milestone was reached despite a 22% decrease in the number of jack-up interventions between 2020 and 2022. This shows an increased average duration of jack-up interventions, as new and more complex turbines reach a higher market share.

Repair Campaigns & +8 MW Turbines Are Drivers

A 35% increase was seen from 2021 to 2022. The main drivers were a repair campaign at Nordsee One ( source), substantial issues with a +8 MW platform, and increased duration spent at the SGRE G4 platform.

Reach out to our Project Manager Lars-André Bugge Tobaben for a demonstration of our Sea Impact Market Intelligence Platform to hear more about the O&M jack-up intervention market.  You can also read more about our newly updated O&M Jack-Up Intervention report here.

A big question remains. Will this increase lead to a deficit in the supply of jack-up vessels for O&M?

Our project manager Lars-André said the following on the topic: “With the high demand for jack-up vessels in the lucrative installation market, we see many vessels go through crane upgrades instead of transitioning to the O&M market. Further, we are soon looking into several emerging markets in the new regions such as APAC and the US with little known in terms of O&M dedicated jack-up vessels for these new areas.”

He continued: “The Danish pureplay ZITON A/S appear to also recognise this potential bottleneck. They announced last week that they purchased Wind Enterprise’s sister vessel currently operating in China (source).”

At Sea Impact we are keeping a close eye on the development. So reach out if you want to discuss or hear more about our services.

The new ZITON vessel GUO DIAN TOU 001 when still name Friedrich Ernestine

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