Bespoke Market Intelligence

Countless bespoke analyses and reports can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Sea Impact‘s industry experts can create any type of analysis – we turn real-world data into offshore wind industry KPIs and tangible insights.

Countless bespoke analyses and reports tailored to your needs

Installation Durations & Weather Downtime

Bespoke Interactive Dashboards Tailored for You

Tailor-made interactive dashboard to release the value of data across your projects.

Custom, In-Depth Report

We develop comprehensive reports on your request. Our experts are ready to combine the Sea Impact data with our deep industry knowledge.


Easy to Understand Visualizations of Complex Data & KPIs

We create bespoke easy-to-understand visualized analyses from our complex real-world data

Best-In-Class Solutions Enabled by Joint Effort Between Two Offshore Expert

The combination of PEAK Wind and LAUTEC’s skillsets in offshore wind, big data and analytics enable us to create the right solution for you.

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