Sea Impact Benchmarks the Offshore Wind Industry

Sea Impact is an intelligence tool for the offshore wind industry to provide innovative market insights. It gives unprecedented performance insight across all offshore wind projects built to date in Europe. We combine project specific knowledge, historical vessel location data and extensive offshore experience to provide innovative market insight.

Sea Impact provides key performance indicators on installation and operations across numerous dimensions such as projects, vessels, turbine platforms and foundation types.

Our mission

We believe that transparency and performance measurement is key for continual improvement and that sharing experiences throughout the offshore wind industry benefits the development of new projects. Sea Impact is compelled by this mindset to deliver data and analytics driven solutions to the market.

Our passion

At Sea Impact we are passionate about optimising the offshore wind industry by applying data analysis. We are always looking for new solutions and novel approaches to give insight into the offshore wind industry.

Joint effort between two offshore experts

Sea Impact was founded by Lautec and PEAK Wind in 2019. Both companies work together on a number of offshore wind projects. The initial idea for Sea Impact was already developed back in 2017. Since then, Lautec and PEAK Wind have developed, tested and validated the tool until today. The combination of the team’s skillsets in offshore wind, big data and analytics have made Sea Impact possible.

Lautec provides consulting and cloud based systems for improved project execution. We specialise in cross-project disciplines for management of time, risks, interfaces, quality and geospatial data.

PEAK Wind specializes in development and asset management for offshore wind farms founded in deep understanding of owner’s needs.

Our Team

Anders Pihlkjaer

Founding Partner at LAUTEC

Lars Conradsen

Founding Partner at PEAK Wind

Thibault Vanheeghe

Market Intelligence Analyst

Lars-André Tobaben

Project Manager

Bence Sántha

Data Analyst

Vladislava Garkova

Marketing Consultant

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