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O&M Jack-Up Intervention Report 2012-2022

A Market Report on Major Component Replacements

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A comprehensive report investigating the O&M jack-up intervention activity (major component replacement) across more than 100 wind farms tracking over 900 combined years of operation. The analyses are based on AIS data collection and provide the exact whereabouts of over 30 jack-up vessels active in offshore wind O&M between January 2012 and December 2022. The report will give you a complete understanding of the offshore wind major component replacement market.

  • O&M jack-up market overview
  • O&M jack-up interventions by projects and blade campaigns
  • OEM turbine benchmarks for O&M jack-up interventions
  • Vessel benchmarks for O&M jack-up interventions
  • Impact of met-ocean conditions on O&M jack-up interventions
  • The report is a 50-page in-depth report with 35 figures
  • Fully understand the offshore wind major component replacement market

Major Component Replacement Report Sample Figures

Major component failure rates by WTG platform

Industry-wide O&M jack-up interventions

Durations of major component exchange