Installation Cycle Dashboard: Borssele III & IV

Sea Impact insight: How did the installation of the TP less monopile foundations at Blauwind’s Borssele 3 & 4 go?

Our installation cycle dashboard gives you a detailed insight into each individual installation cycle – analyse the share of time in port, in transit and on site.

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Van Oord’s Aeolus installed the 77 foundations in 31 cycles with campaign taking 184 days.
The median on site installation duration was 1.0 days, 25% faster than the industry median.

Key use-cases of the installation cycle dashboard:

• Select the best logistical setup

• Improve the accuracy of your installation budget

• Improve the accuracy of your installation schedule

• Benchmarks your contractors performance

Contact our Project Manager, Lars-André Bugge Tobaben, for more installation cycle breakdowns and offshore wind insights.

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