Today we take a look at offshore wind installation times

We bring you offshore wind installation time for WTGs across the global wind industry back to 2012 (WTG installation durations). We look into the details and show the minimum, Q1, median, Q3 and maximum turbine installation duration and further include the average wind speed at the time of installation. The installation times are available for all offshore wind farms. 

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  • Below you find the installation times from over 70 wind farms and 4000 wind turbines
  • The industry median installation time has been 1.4 days
  • The Dutch wind farm Eneco Luchterduinen with a median installation time of 0.7 days per turbine
  • The slowest installation time has been seen at Galloper in the UK with a median of 3.2 days per turbine

With our Sea Impact Market Intelligence Platform, you get access to installation durations for any wind farm installed. We offer the offshore wind installation time for each individual turbine and offer comparisons of turbine OEMs, countries, developers and many more. If you are doing due diligence on your installation plan or schedule, are an offshore wind planner, or want to get insight into the performance of different OEMs our platform is the right solution for you.

Sea Impact is an intelligence tool for the offshore wind industry to provide innovative market insights. It gives unprecedented performance insight across all offshore wind projects built to date in Europe. We combine project specific knowledge, historical vessel location data and extensive offshore experience to provide innovative market insight.