Siemens Gamesa remained on top of offshore wind turbine installation in 2022! With 262 turbines installed during 2022 Siemens Gamesa secured another year as the OEM with most turbines installed ahead of Vestas.

Last year 464 offshore wind turbines were installed from four different OEMs and seven different turbine platforms. Siemens Gamesa remained the market leader with the installation of both their 8 MW and new 11 MW turbines. Vestas came in second with 112 turbines installed across four different countries.

Turbine Installation Comeback & Newcomer

GE Renewable Energy returned to offshore wind after a four-year installation hiatus with the installation of 80 turbines of their H150-6 MW. We will keep a close eye on the installation of their next-gen turbine at Vineyard Wind and Dogger Bank A this year.

Finally, Mingyang Smart Energy marked the first offshore installation of a Chinese OEM turbine outside the domestic market with 10 turbines installed at Taranto in Italy.

The 464 turbines installed mark a 7% decrease from the number of turbines installed in 2021.

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Note: The graph shows turbines installed, not the number of commissioned turbines. Further, the graph excludes turbines installed in China.

© BERNARD BIGER – CHANTIERS DE L’ATLANTIQUE – Vole Au Vent installing GE H150-6 at Saint-Nazaire