Have you ever wondered about the seasonality in O&M jack-up interventions (major component exchanges)? Today, we delve into this topic by examining data from the period 2012-2022.

Seasonal Variations in Jack-Up Intervention Duration

Comparing the average on-turbine duration per jack-up intervention, we see a 35% faster execution in May compared to November. Moreover, when examining the number of turbines installed, we see 126% more jack-up interventions in May (260 jack-up interventions) compared to the low point in February (115). There is a substantial seasonal difference, highlighting the preference for carrying out heavy maintenance activities during the summer season.

Surge in Jack-Up Interventions during the Summer

The seasonality is less clear than for turbine installation as we have explored earlierĀ Seasonal Trends in Offshore Wind. The inherent nature of not always being able to plan when major component exchanges are required makes it more difficult to only execute in the preferable summer months.