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Our easy-to-use offshore wind market intelligence platform gives you instant access to hundreds of industry KPIs based on real-world data. Through interactive charts, maps, and other visualizations, Sea Impact provides deep insights, making it the most comprehensive market intelligence platform for offshore wind.

Case Study: Insights from Industry Data

Embarking on a wind turbine generator (WTG) installation campaign? Learn from the insights gathered from four major projects in 2021: Ørsted’s Hornsea 2, Vattenfall’s Kriegers Flak, OW Ocean Winds’ Moray East, and RWE’s Triton Knoll.

Hornsea 2's Aggressive Dual Vessel Setup

  • Scale: The largest project with 165 turbines.
  • Approach: Utilized DEME Group’s Sea Challenger and Sea Installer working in tandem.
  • Efficiency: Completed in 230 days, averaging 1.4 calendar days per turbine.
  • Performance Review: Despite longer port times (0.7 days per turbine), the estimated total vessel charter days reached 456 between the two vessels.

Kriegers Flak's Swift Progress

  • Timeline: Initiated around the same time as Triton Knoll and Moray East but progressed faster.
  • Conditions: Favorable metocean conditions in the Baltic Sea resulted in less weather-related downtime.
  • Technology: Featured Siemens Gamesa 8.0-167 DD platform, generally faster to install than the Vestas V164 platform.
  • Installation Speed: Achieved an average of 1.4 days on-position per WTG, compared to 1.8 days at Moray East and 2.1 days at Triton Knoll.

Key Drivers for Optimization

  1. Dual Vessel Setup Impact: Enables faster achievement of full power but may increase charter time and costs. Availability of such setups may be limited in the future.
  2. Metocean Conditions: Vary geographically and seasonally, with lower significant wave heights expediting operations.
  3. WTG Model Influence: Some turbine models are inherently faster to install, impacting overall campaign speed.
  4. Distance & Size Matters: The proximity between the site and the marshalling port affects logistics efficiency. Deck capacity of the vessel also plays a crucial role by reducing the number of trips needed.

Navigating Future Installations

With the industry evolving, understanding these optimization factors is crucial for future installations. Sea Impact helps you optimize your project schedules and budgets by providing real-world installation duration data from over 75 offshore wind farms. Access P25, P50, and P90 installation durations for any wind farm, WTG platform, vessel, foundation type, and more.

Sea Impact: Your Tool for Success

Our offshore wind market intelligence platform enables you to:

  • Access actual installation durations to input into your project schedule.
  • Empirically evaluate the performance of potential subcontractors.
  • Use performance benchmarks for installation vessels and turbine manufacturers to select the right installation contractors.
  • Gain ample knowledge going into any negotiation.

Sea Impact has mined, processed, and analyzed industry data, allowing you to make informed decisions and tailor your approach for maximum efficiency.

For deeper insights into installation campaigns and to learn more about how our platform can benefit your projects, feel free to reach out right here Contact Us.