Sea Impact is excited to announce that Innovation Fund Denmark has awarded funding for further development of our offshore wind market intelligence offering.

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in entrepreneurs, researchers and businesses that create value for Denmark and new solutions to society’s biggest challenges – and supports the development of new knowledge and technology creating growth and employment in Denmark.

The grant will help Sea Impact expand our market intelligence offering to support the optimization of the offshore wind industry and bridge the knowledge and experience gap seen in a rapidly growing industry.

”It's a great vote of confidence to receive the grant from Innovation Fund Denmark. The new developments will help us play an even bigger role in increasing the competitiveness of the offshore wind industry. Once completed our solution will enable our clients to optimize their project planning and execution to drive down LCoE and reduce emissions from the marine scope during both the construction and O&M phase”.

Lars-André TobabenProduct Development Lead

Sea Impact is an intelligence tool for the offshore wind industry to provide innovative market insights. It gives unprecedented performance insight across all offshore wind projects built to date in Europe. We combine project-specific knowledge, historical vessel location data and extensive offshore experience to provide innovative market insight.

The funding will support the expansion of our market intelligence platform, allowing stakeholders to improve project planning and execution. By addressing knowledge gaps in this growing sector, we aim to reduce the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) and promote emission reductions during marine construction and O&M phases.