Offshore Wind Market Intelligence Platform
Innovative Platform

Sea Impact

Market Intelligence Platform

for Offshore Wind

Our revolutionary offshore wind market intelligence platform provides unprecedented performance analyses on all installed projects.
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We track offshore wind activity across the globe in new ways

Sea Impact combines project-specific data, vessel location data and extensive offshore wind experience to provide innovative market insights.

We provide key performance indicators on installation and operations across numerous dimensions such as projects, vessels, turbine platforms and foundation types.


Sea Impact provides analysis and
results for a myriad of applications

We provide the output to customers through off-the-shelf reports as well as customized analysis tailor-made for you.

Vessel Schedule

Installation Benchmarks

O&M Benchmarks

Sea Impact use cases

  • Project schedule validation
  • Offshore operations budgeting
  • Learning curve assessments
  • OEM performance analysis
  • Peer-to-peer benchmarking
  • Benchmarking for financing processes
  • Major component failure frequencies
  • Vessel chartering and procurement
  • Project risk assessments (p50, p90)
  • Market size forecasting
  • Vessel utilisation analysis
  • Vessel performance analysis
  • Vessel side-by-side benchmarking
  • Operational logistical patterns
  • Turbine visits (scheduled and unscheduled)

Highlights of Sea Impact

  • Installation benchmarks not previously possible
  • Innovative methodology ensuring 100% objective benchmarks
  • 11 years of historical offshore wind logistical data and more than 100 million datapoints
  • Geographical positions of all offshore wind projects
  • Analysis of 120+ vessels including relevant jack-ups, floating installation vessels, G&G vessels and SOVs providing fully aggregated industry analysis
  • Registry of each vessel’s role at each offshore wind project both extant and in-progress
  • Continuous database updates with new projects, vessels and vessel activity
  • On-demand reports refined with LAUTEC’s and PEAK Wind’s deep market expertise
  • Power-Bi user interface for customizable dashboards and analysis

A strong partnership with deep roots in offshore
wind development and analysis

Sea Impact is an offshore wind market intelligence tool developed in collaboration with two leading offshore wind consultancies, LAUTEC and PEAK Wind. The idea took shape two years ago over beers at an afterwork event. Since then, we have been working diligently to develop, test and validate the tool in preparation for its release.

Lautec provides consulting and cloud-based systems for improved project execution. We specialise in cross-project disciplines for management of time, risks, interfaces, quality and geospatial data.

PEAK Wind specializes in development and asset management for offshore wind farms founded in deep understanding of owner’s needs.

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